New Product Launches
Flow by Callix your new product for customer service solutions

Dubai: As part of its ongoing investment in technology, Callix a prominent customer contact center that offers intelligent customer service solutions, comprising of call management services and data analytics, has developed a new concept named ‘Flow by Callix’. The concept offers its customers the flexibility of a dynamic pricing structure that will adapt to the organization’s demand for contact center based on actual consumption.

Committed to helping small to medium organizations lay a solid foundation for their respective businesses, Flow by Callix will offer customer service solutions readily available under the Callix umbrella at a customizable price range.

Flow by Callix will enable customers to improve their operations and prospects by capitalizing on human interaction instead of impersonal digital personas to meet the organization’s growing demand. Under this concept, customers can avail their first month of subscription at no cost, during which statistical analysis of customers’ data will be collected to determine future billing. At the heart of ‘Flow by Callix’ lies a sound understanding of SME’s needs and financial capabilities in terms of adaptability.

Commenting on the launch, Arif Saiyad, Founder of Callix said, “We are constantly looking for ways to contribute to the creation of an ecosystem that encourages and supports the emergence of new business initiatives. I believe that we need to enable people who are starting their own businesses to touch base with their customers to better grasp their needs and optimally service them, irrespective of their financial capabilities.”

“Today, there is an influx of new ideas and initiatives in the UAE that rightfully try to respond to various business problems. With this platform, we aim to enable SMEs in the country which is a key pillar of the economy, to capitalize on the new opportunities brought forth by the digital revolution,” Arif continued.

Callix was established in 2017 with the aim of providing intelligent customer service solutions, offering call management services and data analytics for businesses of any size with a focus on SMEs through a team of multilingual customer service specialists who are accessible 24/7. Callix acts as an extended arm of the business it services, and thus reduces the burden of establishing a department catered to handle customer inquiries.